Apple Wireless Max Over Ear Headphones

Good Morning.

I received new Apple Wireless Headphones for Xmas.

My Roon is not recognizing my headphones in the settings/audio function. Roon recognizes other AirPlay devices. I assume I should be seeing it in my list of available endpoints.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

These are just bluetooth headphones correct? If so, they will only show up when they are connected “to” an endpoint (phone, PC, MAC) not “as” and endpoint but will show up as a “zone” in Roon. Once you have selected them as the audio output on the device they are connected to they will also need to be enabled in Settings/Audio.

My Sony’s, when connected via bluetooth to my PC, show up like this:

And on my PC I select them as the audio output device:

Hope this helps.

Congratulations on the headphones!

What you see, and how you set things up, is going to vary based on what kind of device you’re using. @bearFNF described what you’d see on a PC.

If you’re using an iPhone, for example, it will look different. In the case of an iPhone, you set the phone up as a zone and then, using the phone UI, choose the headphones as output.

Android will look different. So will Macs. If what @bearFNF and I wrote doesn’t get you started, let us know what kind of device you’re using and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

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Congratulations on your new headphones! Once you get them working with Roon you might want to try using a convolution filter which could result in an improvement in the sound of the headphones. Some users love convolution filters and other users dislike them. As they say YMMV.

Anyway here is link to the convolution filters for the Apple AirPod Max

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