AppleTV as Display

May be of interest… :wink:


Is this extension available for the public?

Yes, just browse in Apple TV store, and u find it.
Works really good.

I use my Apple TV remote to stop / start (pause) music even without the TV being on. Very useful.


Nice! I didn’t know this was available. I just installed it on both Apple TVs and loving it :slight_smile:

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Is it possible that we can also use it as a display in the future with an update.

Kinda related to this topic and wanted to share in case this is useful info for anyone that has Amazon Echo Show devices: Roon Web Controller on Echo Show

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That is a dealbreaker for me. I will skip Roon.


What are you looking for ?
Did you try the AppleTV remote app ?

Will this ATV remote app allow me to control and view Roon as it plays through my Bluesound Node2i into my amp? I’d love to be able to control Roon with my ATV remote and then use my iPad for more detailed control/information as needed. I’d likely buy a nucleus if it came with a remote and was as easy to interact with as my ATV. Thanks

Big +1 for adding this as a core AppleTV app.

all up and running. Thanks for taking the time to do this and for sharing.

+1 would like to see this feature on the roadmap. Thanks!

Yes, and yes ATV remote. (You don’t even need the TV be on).

It would be straightforward to use AirPlay to send the display to the apple TV ( with or without sound ) as a feature.

Edit: I found this with a little research. it does the trick

That app is great. It could use some improvements, but I strongly recommend it.

Seems like this topic could be closed, unless people really want something that’s not in the app?

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I tried with chromecast but the quality of the image is not so good, probably because my chromecast is a few years old now.

I may be in the minority, but I’d rather something “native.” I ran into some issues with the extension approach & ended up turning it off as a result. Those issues may be resolved at this point, though, so I’ll likely try it again.

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