AppleTV cannot connect, code does not show

Roon Core Machine

Zeon 8 core, 64 gigs ddr4 ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All unifi, Appletv wireless everything else wired

Connected Audio Devices

In relation to this issue trying to connect to AppleTV, running IOS 15.6

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I want to add my ATV4 (Its been connected before but I changed server a few months back so wanted to add again.
It asks me to enter the code, but the ATV does not show a code. I rebooted the ATV no dice.

Hi @Gareth_Irwin,

Check out this page on the Roon Help system… specifical the " Confirm Your Security Settings" section…

Hope this helps.

Yeah its none of that I am afraid, the only difference here is the server, I’ll try rebooting it.

Hey @Gareth_Irwin,

I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were still running into issues? After looking into your account it does appear that you’ve successfully connected to the Main Bedroom zone.

If you are still having issues, please provide more details about the network/server you’ve recently changed.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Yep same issue, well similar, i see the code now, I enter it on the phone, but the code remains on the TV until I cancel trying.

Whilst the server is different its the same software as before, unraid, running roon in a docker. All other things work just fine, i.e. I have three roopiees, connected, controls via stream deck connected etc.

Airplay works just fine with other things on the network.

Hey @Gareth_Irwin,

On the Apple TV, if you go to Settings > AirPlay and click on Airplay Everyone, you will see Security below. This might show Require Code First Time Only but should be changed to a Password.

Let me know if your issue persists after trying the above :+1: