Application crashed and now has "an issue loading your database"

I installed the server on a Mac Mini successfully and it began to read the watched folder I indicated. However after about 45 mins or so the application quit, just like that - no error message or anything. On opening it again I get the database loading issue and can go no further.

The app wasn’t running for very long so I don’t mind starting again. Just need to know how to proceed.

UPDATE: Deleted the app and all files, reinstalled and it’s off cataloging my music again, and appears to be behaving. Hopefully all will go well this time (I’m leaving it overnight),

@mike @vova @andybob

Exactly the same has happened to me this morning.

Back from Xmas yesterday, booted up my core & remote, Roon was working fine from midday to just after midnight & was shut down normally.

Just restarted my core & I get the same message as RichardE.

Don’t really want to delete everything & start again, so next steps ?

Hi Roland,

Not something I’m familiar with so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of @mike and @vova. I would suggest, however, that a backup of your database would be a worthwhile thing to have at this time. Hope it can be fixed for you ASAP.

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew.

I’ve made a backup of the entire Roon folder, but I fear it may already contain the “corruption” and because it’s a Sunday at home where I absolutely :grin: need to have access to my music then I’ve wiped everything from my core (Desktop PC) and re-installed, starting everything afresh.
Shame, as this of course means I lose all my ratings & database info, but can’t be helped I suppose.
Also a shame as I was hoping to try the SqueezeBox integration for the first time, but re-installing & scanning etc will have to take priority for today.

Disclaimer : It’s almost certain that this is a result of my PC throwing a tantrum - I really don’t suspect this was caused by Roon itself.

@mike @vova - perhaps some of my legacy information / settings can be recovered from my backup ? If that’s possible, please let me know which files I need to look at / transfer back.

Also, this leads (again ?) to another feature request : Roon themselves (strongly) suggest that backups are made regularly, so perhaps that should be coded into the next version as an option - how often / which files (directories) / location of backup - might be the initial / minimum criteria…
I’ll do a quick search to see if anyone’s requested this before & if not, I’ll open a thread.

Hi Roland,

Backups within Roon are on the way. The button seems to have crept into Settings in Build 88 for Android, but the devs have warned not to use it as it’s not yet in a state for release.

It’s a shame you had to reinstall from scratch. It would be great if some info could be salvaged, but I haven’t heard of how to do that.

While it is possibly your PC the fact that two users have experienced full data loss is not good. I’m going to backup my database again in sympathy !

Sorry for the trouble here @rolski – if you still have the database we can take a look.

I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll see what we can do here. Very hard to know what’s going on until we see the database.

Thanks @mike , PM sent…