Apply back up to new storage location

Hey there, folks.

I’ve changed my storage location from an external hard drive to a network hard drive, the files on each drive are a mirror of each other. Changed because the network drive has a larger capacity.

Upon importing the same files from the new location all my changes have been lost, merged albums, merged artists etc.

Is it possible to apply one of my back ups to the files from the new storage location? As I say they’re a mirror of the other files. I tried to apply a back up but it just cleared all the music with Roon as presumably the back up is linked to the old external hard drive? Is there a way around this?


After applying the backup did you go and unlink the old storage location and point to the new?

I didn’t think to point it back to the new location, but unfortunately that didn’t help. On the new import the files are still coming in as if they’re fresh.

I’m not sure if this will work but try and unlink all of your storage locations then restore a backup then add in a storage location. I think in theory this should cause a rescan but use the old backed up meta data and roon data base and apply it to the new location, worth a try.

Hi @Alexander_Lanceley — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, in order to properly advise on the situation may I kindly ask you to review our knowledge base article on how to change storage locations to ensure that all edits, playlists etc are kept in place and then let me know the exact steps you took?

Additionally, may I also ask you to please provide screenshots of your “storage” tab and the “clean up library” window.