Applying Genres to Albums

I have been doing a LOT of editing of my albums (now that I have more time on my hands!). And I admit that I am a “Genre-freak” meaning that I love to make sure albums have all genres that apply to them. I have over 10,000 albums and I love exploring them through genres.
Right now, it is very difficult to apply appropriate genres to albums. I highly recommend that Roon create ONE (or two or however many are needed) screen(s) that have all the genres with a check box in front of them. Of course the genres would be sorted by major and sub-genres to make it easy to find the correct ones. Then its just a matter of scrolling a couple of pages and checking all applicable genres to the album being edited.
Thanks for listening.

Good idea! I find it difficult having album genres inconsistent by an artist. Then when exploring the genre using the “discover” feature, it won’t include all the albums by that band. It really is piecemeal. When wanting to correct this, it isn’t very user friendly. It would be nice to copy over all genres from one album to another…or add all genres for an artist to all albums in the library.

If you select multiple albums, go to the Album editor, then you can apply or remove genres to all the selected albums at once. The drop-down list of all your genres can also be filtered by starting typing in the Add or Remove fields. Is this not sufficient?

That is sufficient if you are applying one or two genres but most albums are part of many genres. The drop down doesn’t provide enough genres and when you apply one genre, its like starting all over again to apply another. Think about how many genres exist in the world! I want to have a large universe of genres to choose from and if I were to apply even 10 genres I would save a ton of time if I could check boxes on a page instead of using the drop down 10 times.

Great idea about ability to copy from one album to another and adding all genres of an artist to selected albums in the library!

I really like your idea of the genres being easier to click and choose instead of typing for each one and hoping it lands on what you are looking for. There are so many sub genres (and this is a neat part of Roon and exploration, for sure), but if a couple albums have sub genres that are pretty deep, typing in the tree and hoping to land on them is cumbersome.

Thanks for the tip on adding genres to multiple albums! I will experiment with that, but I don’t think it fully addresses the need.