Applying Library Settings. Again

I’m almost loath to post this because there are quite a few posts about it already & the response seems to be “it can take a while”.

So, for the record & not much else, I’ve had this happening for about 4 days, now.

It’s making this machine noticeably more sluggish but, as I’m mostly doing my day job on one of my other machines, I’m not overly worried. That said, it is a bit like pulling teeth in the evenings when I’m trying to edit files on my external hard drive before adding them to Roon as this is the drive containing the files that Roon is processing & this seems to cause something of a bottleneck.

I’ve never knowingly seen it through to completion before because something else in Roon will require a restart but I will let it carry on until that happens, as it inevitably will.

Still don’t know what settings it’s applying.

Still don’t know what happens if I quit Roon. Does the process get abandoned or have some settings been applied, just not all of them?

Still don’t know if there’s anything I can do to speed up the process.

I haven’t noticed it doing this for quite a while (presumably the last time I posted about it). Could it be anything to do with the last update?

It finished! When I came to my machine this morning, it had actually finished.

So had the analysing, which had been stuck a few from the end for several days.