Applying Library Settings seems to take hours

Thanks for that. I’m guessing Roon Server would be not much use to me right now, as I’m constantly tagging, saving & updating my library. It’s never at a point where I can say “right, there’s my music, now play it”.

I suspect that’s the reason for my current issues, as Roon is constantly being asked to update a lot of data & is struggling to keep up. I mean, when I had the conversation about “analysing” it turns out that every time I change anything on a file, Roon re-analyses it. So even a small text change on 17,000 tracks gives Roon quite a lot of work to do.

So, I’m back in application hell again

It’s been applying settings for two days now but this time I’m determined to see it through, on the basis that it’s a “sheer volume” issue.

What I am wondering is, what do the times & dates on my back-ups mean in relation to the applying settings situation & how do they relate?

As you can see, the top folder says today but nothing it is newer than 17th Jan, then, at the very bottom there are a couple of text files that are dated December!

Hi @Snowdog,

The multiple daily backups seem odd to me but the text files are normal. How are they configured within settings>backups? Are you manually backing up when you make changes?

One thing I know for sure is that music playing will hinder and possible stop a backup. The process is very system resource intensive.

I do still think that Roon Server will work better for you. It’s a headless version of the Roon core and allows you to use the UI that you normally use as a remote only. It separates the functions. Please do give it a shot. I will list the instructions below but also, please note I will bring your issue to our developers and see if they have any other suggestions.


Roon Server is a headless core solution. You can still use the Roon application on your computer to control Roon but the Roon Server application will handle core operations. Once completed, it will no longer be necessary for you to leave the Roon application open!


  1. Take a backup of your databases.

  2. Navigate to Roon>Settings>General and log out of your core then exit Roon.

  3. Download Roon Server and install it.
    Downloads - Roon Labs

  4. Once installed, you will see a taskbar Roon icon (both Windows and Mac). Click the icon and select launch at startup.

  5. Reboot to ensure Roon Server starts successfully.

  6. Open Roon and select the new instance of a core we just created!

Afterward, you can re-import your databases. This solution will also require your remotes to be connected to the new core and you’ll be prompted to do so when you open them.

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Edit for my last response:

Did you ever reinstall Roon with my directions?


Hi Wes.

Apologies in advance for another rambling email…

Firstly, no, I haven’t re-installed Roon yet for the simple reason that I’m still not sure that it isn’t one of the other more likely issues in my set-up. (RAM in particular is top of my list. The fact that I’m pushing Roon to its limits with the size of my collection is a second & the fact that I’m constantly tagging, tweaking and updating my library is a third. Just yesterday I changed the name of a folder & 1,000 albums subsequently needed to have their addresses updated, which of course means that Roon (for whatever reason… There is one, I just can’t remember what it is) had to re-analyse all of the audio.) The daily demands on my home network could probably constitute a fourth.

Secondly, as per my previous messages, it did start to do the “applying” thing again on Saturday (well, overnight from Friday I guess as it was doing it when I got up on Saturday morning). I left it as long as I could & was determined to let it complete but we had to drive out for a family visit & I wasn’t about to do that with no music so, in order to have ARC free, I restarted Roon. (Because, as you say, it’s a very intensive process. Writing to & reading from the same drive at the same time is unlikely to ever go well.)

(ARC performed flawlessly of course, as is becoming the norm.)

So, the next time it does it, I will leave it. For days if I have to.

A quick diary of events since then:

Everything’s basically been fine but I came in this morning to find the overnight back up had failed.

(To answer your question, I just have an automated back up set for 3am every day.)

I’ve never had the “failed” message before so I took that to mean that it had never failed before.

By the way, I’m also taking all of these events to infer that my overnight back-up & Roon “applying library settings” are not part of the same process since my back-ups 'til today have always been successful & yet it still does the “applying library settings” thing now & then.

Anyway, back to the “failed” message…

It was blaming network settings & my network was not being used for anything else.

The only other thing that had happened since the last back-up was my running a Roon update that, if I remember correctly, dropped late yesterday, GMT. (At least, it appeared some time between 8pm & 11pm during which time we were watching TV & the screensaver was on.)

Upon further investigation, it seemed to need permission to access Dropbox. If you recall, I did have Dropbox connected until the other day, when I disconnected it as part of the previous round of troubleshooting. In fact, I couldn’t remember why I’d even connected Dropbox in the first place but I guess it must’ve been for the back-ups. (Just to be clear, the back-up at 3am saves data from my external hard drive to the Dropbox folder on my desktop, it does not go to the cloud - Dropbox does that itself by syncing - Nevertheless, I guess even though it’s just a folder on my desktop, it still needs permission from Dropbox.) Anyway, off it went, doing the only manual back-up I’ve ever done.

Some ways through, about 70% maybe, it kicked up a network error again. I’m not sure why. The only thing that the network was doing was syncing each bit of the back up to the cloud whenever it had finished saving into the Dropbox folder on my desktop. So, I switched off Dropbox syncing & told the back up to try again, it continued to the end & told me the back-up had been successful. I then turned Dropbox back on again & let it sync the back-up to the cloud.

So, in the past I have never had to stop Dropbox from syncing in order for Roon to complete a successful back-up (on the assumption that I’ve never received a failed warning before so all previous back-ups have been successful). This evening I shall leave it as it is, with Dropbox active, & see if we have a lovely new issue to wrestle with.

If we do then, as I say, the only thing that’s changed was yesterday’s update.

With regard to the “Roon Server” thing, I’m happy to try it. What I don’t understand is that, as I mentioned, I spend most of my time tagging, updating & fiddling with my library. Will I still be able to do that? Will I still have the user interface part of the app to sit & look at?

We are alike in many ways. My family laughs at my soliloquy-esque responses to them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are likely right in that you’re pushing things. It’s a resource hog with large libraries and even more so in your scenario. I do think that Roon Server could help improve performance.

I have the same experience. My home network is near perfect and it helps. Sometimes I drive for Lyft on the weekends as a way of learning my town better and also; for extra cash. The riders always ask what they’re looking at when it displays on the screen and I get to share :slight_smile:

This took a moment to wrap my brain around and I’ve been in IT for 28 years. Roon server runs as a service. Do you see the Roon icon in the picture? Once that is running, your Roon experience doesn’t require the UI to remain open for it to continue to function. A nice perk.

This is a core and if I go to Roon>Settings>General it’s an option for me to select it as a core.


Apologies for leaving this hanging. I have a few unrelated IT issues going on at The Doghouse & they will take a few more days to resolve.

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Roon Core Machine

Apple MacBook Pro (15" 2017)

Catalina 10.15.7

3.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Western Digital 18TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive (Music library storage)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Media Hub 3 set to modem mode…

ASUS ZenWiFi AX router connected to laptop via cat-6 ethernet cables.

Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi 4b with Allo BOSS DAC connected to router via ethernet & to analogue amp via standard phono.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I still have the ongoing issue where I can add a load of files & Roon will churn its way through them & then just sit there on “analysing: 4/5” for several hours.