Applying ReplayGain

I had hoped to be able to use Roon’s built in volume leveling but after several days of experimentation I have found the sound to be much better with it off.

Most of my files already have ReplayGain data. I have read the volume leveling article in the knowledge base and enabled RG.

However it is unclear to me if I have to then enable it in the DSP settings or it is “automatic” once checked. I assume that if volume leveling is enabled in the DSP settings then if the option to override Roon’s settings is check in the library/import settings then Roon will be using RG even though the DSP settings do not indicate that specifically.

I am not assuming I will prefer the sound with RG enabled but since I already have the tags I thought I would try it.

I’m confused.

Anyone? Bump.

You get no answer, because it didn’t make sense that volume leveling based an the RG data makes any difference in sound quality to the roon data.
Why should it make a difference from which source you get the number of db you reduce the volume in the leveling algorithm?

While I appreciate the lesson in acoustics (not really) I would still like to know how to substitute replay gain information for that of Roon. I understand where to enable it in settings. It is unclear whether in order to invoke it, you need to enable leveling in the DSP settings.

As for your ready assumption that “it didn’t make sense that volume leveling based an (sic) the RG data makes any difference in sound quality to the roon data,” consider this:

Using Roon data involves putting the DSP in the chain. While in theory the output is identical in sound to the input but at a lower level, there are those who would contend that any involvement of the DSP compromises sound quality. That is not an argument I wish to have. I hear a difference and I am the customer, right or wrong.

Secondly, RG works with other, simpler, players who do not have DSP processing, so I am assuming that the player merely reads the tag and lowers the level, much like my lowering a pot. There is no “algorithm” involved in playback. One could argue, I suppose, that using RG to set the level compromises the sound “at the source,” but clearly, once the level is set in the tag, no further “processing” needs to be done by the player, unlike Roon’s DSP.

So I would like to try RG and do not know how to. Your answer was not helpful.

I think the answer to this may be quite simple: Roon reads embedded RG tags the same way it reads any other, e.g. album, title, etc. If RG tags are enabled in the import settings they will be used. Nothing further needs to be done within the DSP settings.

I would appreciate it if someone knowlegeable could confirm this without attempting to school me.

Roon also generates r128 data during the analysis phase of importing.

Your need to enable volume leveling, but nothing needs to be done with DSP settings.

When you enable Roon’s built in volume settings it also invokes the DSP. I’m trying to find out if using the RG tags does not require “turning on” the DSP. I’m sure Roon contends the DSP is lossless and bit perfect but if I don’t need it I’d rather not use it.

I have a feeling that if you enable RG in the import settings that data gets used by Roon just as any other tag would. Easy peasy, no dsp.

But I’d like to confirm this. Sigh.

Any player using ReplayGain tags to alter volume will do so using DSP…

I’m really not trying to delve into the science of this.

All I want to know is: how do I get Roon to use RG instead of its own leveling. Is all I have to do is enable RG in the Import settings?

Honestly, this seems like such a simple question and I just can’t seem to get an answer.

I don’t think you understand what ReplayGain is – it’s just a method for determining a few numbers that tells your player how much to tweak the volume. The ta gin the file is just those numbers.

If you put those numbers in your tags, Roon will use them. Otherwise, Roon will compute them ourselves.

We only adjust the volume using those numbers when you turn on volume leveling.

I understand perfectly what rg is. The question is how to use it within Roon. If I understand you correctly for any leveling to be enabled at all, it must be enabled through Roon’s zone settings. If RG is checked in the audio import settings, then Roon’s DSP will use those rather than it’s own.

Turn on zone volume normalization. That’s it.

I assume you mean some type of audio import settings outside of Roon. That setting does not exist in Roon.

We will use the tags instead of recomputing the same tags, yes.