Applying same track ID in Roon to multiple tracks

I have an album where it seems that 1 track of 4 parts has been split into 4 tracks. When getting the album ID on Roon, it only has the ID for the 1 track. Is there a way to apply this one ID to the 4 split tracks?

If I’m understanding you correctly, we have a ticket open for this internally, but it’s not scheduled right now.

I opened the ticket because I had a number of vinyl rips where tracks were merged together into “medleys” in my files, so there wasn’t a good way to match the data to what’s in our database. Unfortunately, this means that the tracklist in my rip doesn’t really exist in any of the data sources we use, so it’s a very tricky case – I think this may end up having to be a UGC thing.

I’ll circle back with the guys and see if anyone has any ideas on this, but let me know if I’ve misunderstood your case @extracampine.

No, you’ve got me. But what’s UGC? Is this area maybe a case for using the users metadata?

User generated content :smile:

In the future, we want users to be able to submit corrections and images to our database, so our metadata can continue to improve over time, with help from the community.