Applying Sample Rate Conversion Producing Bass Distortion

Hi Community,

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I am new to messing around with the Roon DSP settings. I have read up on all the ‘official’ documentation on Roon’s DSP abilities.

I am running a Nucleus > Router > Media Bridge > SoTM sMS-200 Ultra Streamer > USB > Auralic Vega > Creek 5350 SE Integrated Amp > Silverline Bookshelf Speakers

I applied Headroom Management at the -3dB and turned on the clipping indicator. I then applied the Sample Rate Conversion. My Auralic will accept 32 bit and it also upsamples everything else to 32 bits internally. My understanding is that Roon has more and better resources available to do the upsampling than does my DAC.

I assume I want my sample rate conversion set to output ‘maximum pcm rate’ instead of ‘for compatibility only’ but I could use advice here.

I have the filter set to ‘precise, minimum phase’ ; DSD Processing is set to ‘7th order (Clans)’ ; 0DB SDM Gain Adjustment ; multiple core option is turned off ; DSD to PCM filter is set to 'recommended (30KHZ Low Pass) ; DSD to PCM gain ‘+6.0DB’
(any notes or advice here is welcomed)

After applying these settings, I noticed that just occasionally bass tones come out sounding distorted or broken. I am not seeing the clipping indicator trip when this is occurring and its only happening occasionally on the low end.

Was curious if I am set up properly with the settings and if this is ideal for best sound in my setup? Then wanted advice on how to remedy that occasional bass distortion.


First, turn off all DSP including upsampling and play the same music.
Does it still distort?

Sorry, I should have specified, I have listened with this exact system for months without distortion. Turning on the DSP with the above settings was the first time I had heard it.


Ok, next: what does the signal path display say?

I have been unable to recreate the noise I heard. I think I have listened to the same tracks, plus a ton of other test material, and the same phenomenon is not occurring. I am wandering if something needed a restart or if maybe my DAC didn’t recognize the change from 16bit to 32bit immediately. Not sure what happened. Going to test more this evening and I will post a final update and mark this solved if there is no distortion. But as of right now we are grooving!

No distorted low end since the initial issue. Don’t know why it happened but I am confident it is not occurring any longer.