Appreciation for Roon

I’ve been using Roon a little over a month with Tidal. It has completely revolutionized my enjoyment of music. For various reasons I have never warmed up to Spotify. I had an original Bluesound Node connected to my AVR that was fine but I just never quite got into the groove of listening to streaming music. Around Christmas I went on a campaign to upgrade my sound system and to try out Tidal and see how that worked. It was better than Spotify but my itch still wasn’t scratched.

I discovered Roon via a couple of John Darko YouTube videos. I decided to give it a try. Wow. This was more like it. Being a gadget freak, I decided to build a Roon server with a NUC, a fanless enclosure, and ROCK software. Then 1.8 came out. Wow again.

So now I’m listening to music every morning before work and late in the afternoon after meetings are done for the day. I’m rocking out during the weekends. I’m saving albums left and right. I’m discovering new music almost every day. The combination of Roon, Tidal, and my upgrade components has increased the quality of my life quite a bit.

So thanks Roon… And thanks to some of the nice folks in this community that helped me figure out Roon and build my server.