Appreciation Post

Roon is one of the well executed, useful and entertaining pieces of software I’ve ever used. The constant evolving and updates are spot on, you can see its a real labour of passion. Keep up the good work guys, you’re doing something really special and so thankful for it :slight_smile:


I agree 100%. Thank you guys and gals of Roon.


fact!!! …very high satisfaction with my experience.

fwiw: as i have said previously, roon ROCK is the most significant development / product in computer audio in the past decade.

thanks guys!


Although 1.8 had / have issues, for a major update, not that many serious problems. But they are responding to resolve them far faster than some other companies. Hey, Roon team, can you show Microsoft and some other major companies how to do things???

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Fully agree,
Many thanks Roon Team :+1::+1:

Totally agree. The only 1.8 hiccup for me was losing devices requiring a daily Core reboot - but that is fixed now.

I’m glad to see an “Appreciation Post”. I’ve used Roon for 3 years and rarely had any issues, and when one comes up I know eventually they’ll find a resolution. I’m not a techie, I love music and I love what this software does and how it allows me to organize, listen to, and inform me about the music I love. I’m also glad that there are technically oriented folks using the platform who push for new innovation and for the most part constructively provide critical reviews to improve it. Roon also provides everyone an open forum to express opinions and issues freely - which is a testimony to their commitment and confidence in their ability to find solutions. Thanks to all who make it a special software service!