Apps cannot connect to roon server after Latest Update

Roon Server Running on QNAP

I am running my roon server on QNAP. Everytime I update to the latest version (as I am prompted to do on any roon app I open), after the update the apps cannot coonect to the roon server.

After the update all the apps (iphone/PC, Wifi or cabled) can no longer see the server.

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Description of Issue

I have never ran the server on a NAS, can you validate it is running? I would reboot your NAS and router in the first instance.

I have done that many times. The onlu thing that works is to uninstall the QNAP Roon Server and Reinstall it.

How did the NAS report the status of Roon server at times when the server couldn’t be found?

All indication on the as were that room was running normally.

You might need to wait for someone more knowledgeable but it seems you have an issue others are reporting.
I assume you’re not running a VPN or if like me you are but you let Roon through?
And you can access the NAS with other non Roon apps ok?
Can you access it with ARC?

Please share a screenshot of what you are seeing on one of your Roon apps (e.g. the Roon on the PC) when you try to connect to your updated Roon Server. Thanks.

It just does not even see the server to connect.

By the way I tried testing arc and got this message on my iphone.

Is there no other message; e.g. select a different Roon Server?

I will try again with the update and record all messages and images. But after today that my Xmas holiday finishes. I dont want to spend the day without music.

Sorry for taing your time. It no longer pops up for the update. Either someone in the family pressed the button and update is creating no more issues, or it stopped asking for update. Consider case closed.

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