Aqua LinQ HQPlayer module filter type

In hifi-+ Issue 198 (August 2021), Jason Kennedy reviewed this streamer and module with the Aqua La Scala MkII Optologic DAC (confessing to not previously having heard of HQPlayer).

He used Roon, preferring the result with LinQ to those with the same DAC fed via USB from the Melco NS10 45th Anniversary server, ending his review with the words I want one!

What filter is Aqua using in the LinQ HQPlayer module?
Could it work well with HoloAudio Spring or May DACs?

There is a screenshot in an online review, showing Aqua-preferred HQPlayer Core settings.

Are those optimal, or are they limited by the available computing power?
(Unfortunately, the screenshot is too blurry for me to read on my smartphone.)

Can I please have the details?

Their default is to run without HQPlayer filters. But you can change the settings to something else.

Thank you, Jussi.
Their choice not to apply your excellent filters for PCM seems to be ideological.
Would you please suggest filters that the computing power in LinQ could handle?

As I don’t have the LinQ HQPlayer module, I don’t know. I have no experience with it. The LinQ I have is NAA-only.

I would guess it could handle PCM to PCM upsampling with most poly-sinc filters. And remember to enable one of the noise-shapers or at least TPDF dither.

Hi Jussi,
how is the hqplayer working here? Is dithering when activated always active or only when downsampling from e.g. MQA sources.

I have the LinQ incl. CORE module and a La Scala DAC attached. Would love to try out some hqplayer settings but the complexity makes it a little harder to find a starting point or even suggested settings.

Best Robert

You need to have dither active always when performing any DSP operations. So it is always active.