Arabic translation

I am translating to Arabic
Arabic goes from right to left making translation impossible on an English platform from left to right
Please advice

Hi Ashraf, I have no real experience with localizing to Arabic, but given that we translate individual strings/bits and pieces, the only thing you can do is to translate these strings and then trust to the application to present them to the user in the correct way (depending on the system and application setting). Whether and how it will do, I unfortunately do not know. Roon does not strike me as a native application (at least not on Mac and iOS where I use it…) and if it is developed using some cross-platform framework, it will largely depend on that framework, I guess. If you want a real answer, you will need to reach out to Roon - the language admins are not Roon employees, we are basically just volunteer users - just like you… Cheers, Tom

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I do not know Arabic, so I looked up a quick phrase online and found this:

أَكَلَ جُوْن التُّفَّاحَة.

Then I typed it into the search box into Roon and got this:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.28.00 AM

Looks right to me… how about you?

It looks like that the RTL is working, but the UI will need to adapt for RTL (to switch between left aligning and right aligning text blocks, make pages make sense with left/right swapped).

Is that what you are talking about? or are you noticing another issue?

I’m also curious about your take on the san-serif font choice for Arabic, what do you think?

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