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DCS Rossini Apex with wired Ethernet

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Can only access ARC within my home network.

I have had several different notifications. Originally it said not configured for remote.
Now it says Not Ready with this message:

Diagnostics data for Roon Support
Roon ARC was unable to securely
access your Roon Core
Start troubleshooting
{“status” :“NetworkError”‘“'status code”.
Error: ETIMEDOUT, response code:
undefined, body: undefined connected?
“external ip”:
{‘actual external ip".“71.XXX.XXX.183”
“natpmp autoconfig”:
{“server ip”.“”’"found upp’
request return statuscode:

Please advise what to do

This info should have been included in original post.
I an using a Verizon Fios G3100 router and 2 version Fios E3200 extenders all wired to Ethernet.
Also 1 Uptone ether regen switch and 1 Cisco 110 switch

It appears you have two routers in your network. Can you please answer the folllowing questions so the community can support you (some of which you have provided above):

  1. Who is your internet service provider?
  2. Please list the make and model of your modem and router?
  3. Do you have any additional network hardware, like additional routers or managed switches?
  4. Does your network have any VPNs, proxy servers, or enterprise-grade security?

Are you E3200 extenders capable of being configured as a router?

The provider is Verizon Fios and the equipment is by Verizon with the model nos. listed above. I believe this is a direct fiber optic Connection to the internet and a modem is not required. I think The G3100 is a router and the two E3200’s are wired extenders, have no idea if they can be reconfigured but I don’t think so as Verizon offers the choice of one or the other. The only other piece of equipment is some sort of hub supplied by Verizon that has a triple splitter which I think supplies the phone, internet, and cable connections, although I am not using any cable services. Don’t know much about all this so I can’t answer question no. 4. Not sure what a VPN or any of those other items you asked about are.

Fred, I moved your posts to the Port Forwarding support category. I am not familiar with how Verizon routers configure their networks, but someone using Verizon FiOS may be able to assist you with getting port forwarding and ARC working.

Have been looking into this. It seems VPI has to be added to Verizon if wanted, which I have never done. So I think the answer to point 4 is no. The router is shipped with WPA2 security encryption. Hope this helps.

I see a response from Jamie but don’t understand how to communicate directly with him. He says my remotes are on build 970 and I should update them. However, my remotes say they are build 1127, the latest version, and offers no update option. Am very confused with all this and not sure who to reply to or how.

@Fred_Imberman, you can flag @jamie here in this thread or send him a direct message from within the forum.

I have no responses from Jamie or anyone else as of yet to my problem, all the details of which I have posted. Please advise what to do. I have all the current builds and Roon reconfigured my settings successfully. Arc works within my LAN only. Remotely it connects to Roon and my library but does not play music. Message core not configured for remote or week signal.

Hi @Fred_Imberman ,

Thank you for your patience here while we reached your case.

This error sounds like Roon wasn’t able to use UPnP to make the automatic configuration, and you will need to access the router settings to manually configure the IP and port listed in Roon Settings → Roon ARC to your router port forwarding list. Please see the video below regarding instructions on how to achieve this:

Also, you may want to set up Address Reservation for your Roon Core to ensure that the IP address for it never changes, you can use this guide to make these changes:

Hope this helps but do let us know if you run into any other issues with this!

Thanks for this, I will try soon but sure I will have further questions. FYI, initially when I set up ARC it did automatically configure and showed me the ports . The video part of the app works well remotely, occasionally it has actually connected and worked but mostly advises poor connection or audio devise error. Can you explain this?

The poor connection status could be anything from a poor mobile connection (regardless of the number of bars showing on your mobile phone) to a poor uplink from your Core back to the Internet to your mobile phone.

What do you mean by the video part of the app?

All of the graphics. My library, the home page, etc

Hi @Fred_Imberman ,

I have the same Verizon router and while UPnP did also auto-configure for me, it would have issues the next day. I suggest doing a manual port forwarding instead.


I had the FIOS G1100 router and it was very stable with UPnP.

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