ARC: after first song played, Roon radio kicks in

Try the following in ARC:
(1) go to library
(2) select titles
(3) select a tag
(4) select heart symbol

You’ll get a list with songs you would like to play

(5) hit play on any song you would like to play in that list
(6) after the song has been played or you hit skip, Roon radio kicks in instead of playing the next song in the list.

To me, this is a bug.

Hi, @Stefan_Mauron, thank you for the post. Could you, please, clarify, what does this step refer to (2) select titles, does it mean go to the Albums browser or Tracks browser?



Hi @ivan
sorry, I did it in the german version. Hence in the english version it is “tracks”

B/R Stefan

Got it, thank you for the reply. In browsers tapping on a track is designed to be a “Play Now” action which means that Roon ARC is going to play a track you tapped on only. In case you are filtering your browser by TAG or “Favourite” criterion Roon ARC will still follow the browser-level button behaviour logic because you are still in a browser. Nevertheless, I will pass your feedback to the product team.



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Thanks @ivan
Then for me the main requirement for the ARC App, I would suggest would be that Tags and Favorites are supported in browsing.

Thanks for taking care.


This is no different behaviour to in Roon you need to add all the filtered tracks to the play queue or a playlist, what to have is not a playlist itself it’s just showing you tracks based on your filtering options. However in ARC it’s not made easy to do this as you cant mulitselect anything which is a big oversight.

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