Arc and acess to both / stream your files and streaming serviceses

Hello @ll

Simply question: under bad coverage of data (not WiFi, using my 4g service from cell phone) it is only me I can play Tidal but not my files?

I assume is more reliable the stream from Tidal service that from my local network?

Or something to adjust/adapt from my side?

Thank you

Is your home Roon core connected by ethernet?

Yes Sir.

Direct Etherner cable to the router, no switch.

Hi @Jose_Alconchel,

At a glance, It looks like you need to visit the App Store and download Roon 2.0 for your device. This of course doesn’t affect Arc but will be a problem down the road.

Can you describe your networking setup? Did you have a chance to visit the guide below and implement the necessary networking changes for port forwarding?

Thank you for fast support

My Roon app under Androis is up-to-date, just checked

I will read (of course) but under certain coverage situations I have been able to stream also my Hd files.

As far as my knowledge brings me, usually informatical things work, or not, but sometimes is a weird thing, isn’t it?

Try to describe the best way my humble setup

Roon Core

I3 8Gb Ram under W10 running version 2.0 since yesterday

Cable connected directly from Pc to fiber router provided by my Internet supplier


6166 tracks

Nas Synology 218j

Cable connected to a switch, which is connected PLC-PLC to the fiber router.

In the past I have experienced some issues skipping tracks but the new PLCs solved the problem from scratch.

99,998% of playing with no issues from my stored files and Tidal ones.


Since yesterday this screen looks like this :smile:

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I decided to do a weekend checkup.

It’s possible to see this screen and have some things not work. Can you confirm that you’re up and running now?



Clean up on aisle 4. Oh, you said checkup, not cleanup.

Seems to work

Lossy quality under 4G

High quality under WiFi

Yesterday I made few km on the car and was able to play local files. I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and I am now for Holidays in Saint Cyprien, Rosselló, France


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But not today :frowning:

Under WiFi and my computer (available by Team Wiever) shows capable

Hi Jose,

I can see that your core has been offline for about 18 hours now. Can you please navigate to your core’s WebUI and see if there’s an issue? Perhaps the IP Address changed? If that’s the case, you may have to go into the settings within ARC and Reset Roon ARC (which happened to me this weekend).


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Can’t give a try today. Travelling back to home.

Maximum on Tuesday I will give a try, I promise

Many thanks

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Today, being at home and running unfer 4G connected at first try and ‘lossy’ playing without issues

Tomorrow I’ll be in the office (far away from home) and I will try with wifi connectivity

This is weird and drives me crazy…

I am not at home, with decent 4G covering

I am doing recovery for a wrist problem, so basically sitted down with my left arm under treatment for 45 minutes

Same place.

I can and I cannot play my files

From working to poor connection from one record to the other

I received a message from my Internet provider (Spain, Virgin Telco) I was included in CG-NAT (again)

Under this rule you cannot redirect anything as no single external IPV4 address for connected device, but shared one for all…

A rebooted router after coming back to CG-nat and back to the first scenario. Sometimes, sometimes not.

Tomorrow I will connect (test scenario) my NAS with stored music on the same switch and place than computer running ROON and I will see if when available by Tidal my local files will be available, too.

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We definitely need to have them address CGNAT because otherwise, I fear you’ll be in this loop.

I’ll leave our thread open and if you have any new information I’ll be monitoring for replies.


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Down to my kness and I am begging you/Roon teammates/clever users for your pardon.

Today I took my NAS from its place (PLC connection with no issues at Home usage) and connected to a switch cable wired to router, same router has a direct cable to Roon core PC.


Reproduces everything, my storage or Tidal files.

Under WiFi or under 4G


Now I have to decide what to do but clearly the cable connection is the best option in my (many) cases.

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No pardon is necessary, friend. We all love music and have a passion for helping others get BACK to enjoying it!

Best wishes,

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