ARC and Downloaded Playlists

I have been successfully and enjoyably using ARC since it was available; so thanks to the roon folk for making it happen It has worked in even some of the sketchier mobile servie areas in rural Nova Scotia that I have to travel to, but there are places there that lack even rudimentary mobile service (and not just because of Fiona) so I found the downoad feature most helpful, but I have some questions about its exact implementation.

  1. If, at the core, I add to a playlist that I have downloaded to Arc and then download that revised playlist again to update it on my Android phone, will roon download just the added tracks or will it download everything again. If the latter, does that result in duplicates? (A program I used before, Media Monkey, just downloads the changes.)

  2. I tend to listen to whole albums rather than a mix of tracks. I understand that playlists are made up of tracks not of albums, but playlists are the simplest way to download a group of albums However, albums downloaded as part of a playlist are not available as individual albums in Arc (this is in contrast to how downloading a playlist works in another music player I have used, again Media Monkey, where the downloaded tracks are available as part of their album separate from the playlist). There does not seem to be any way to download a group of albums except album by album or have I missed something (I do not see a way to select a group of albums in Arc.) I suspect there may be some issue with the way roon handles metadata if a playlist does not include all the tracks from an album, but roon does cope okay with the partial and non albums (digitised 78s mostly) that I have. Perhaps adding the ability to download a group of albums with a particular bookmark or tag would be a better way to handle this.

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