ARC and Qobuz and now it's 15 characters

I am using ARC via VPN. It does not work with Qobuz. Everything else works very splendidly.

What’s different about Qobuz streaming that would cause this to fail? Can Roon Labs assist with any kind of logging? Can I force all streams to come through Core?

Thank you and have a good day.

Qobuz is not available everywhere. Is the country that you are using for VPN one of those where it is not available? As well, I have think that Qobuz (and many other streaming sites) are getting much better at detecting that you are using VPN and disallowing it.

All good questions and I should have provided more data here.

  1. My VPN is private so same country as Core, ARC, device, etc.
  2. Qobuz app works while on VPN. ARC browsing works while on VPN. Local files work. Tidal works. Qobuz via ARC does not (spin + poor connection message).

My understanding is that, if Qobuz detects and complains about VPN, it returns an error. If this is happening I have been pleading with Roon Labs to let me see the error so I can stop bugging everyone.

So… Same VPN Qobuz app works but ARC does not.

Hi @ipeverywhere,

To clarify, are you using a VPN on your core or on your mobile device with ARC? Does the issue occur without the employment of a VPN?

I looked at your diagnostics info and it’s hard to narrow down problems without timestamps. Can you please provide one for me after trying to play a Qobuz track in ARC?

I will happily review this with development but please note that VPN setups are considered tinkering and not officially supported. There’s a chance that’s the answer I will get back but I’ll do my best!


It’s sorted. Please talk to benjamin on your team.

But, to answer your questions. It works without the VPN. The VPN configuration is a profile / app on the phone to a VPN concentrator at the edge of my network. The VPN is not run on core or the network core is on.

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I’m glad it’s sorted out and happy that @benjamin was able to get you taken care of.


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