ARC app on iphone won’t connect to core; core setup says ARC secure access has been confirmed

Roon Core Machine

Dell xps13 laptop i7 win 11 home 16mb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

core on wifi (150mpbs) google mesh wifi xfinity cable modem 400/10 mpbs

Connected Audio Devices

iphone 12 latest ios running arc app

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I got back to using Roon last month, set up a new core. Roon ARC worked over cellular for a few minutes then stopped. I cleaned up the laptop, removing most programs, and set up a separate account for Roon. I built a new roon core in that account; the machine now set up to auto-login to this account and run Roon. Works great with devices on the home wifi, but ARC will not connect. Roon setup says that secure access is working, doesn’t that mean that the plumbing is working and an external device should be able to get in? Is the ARC app on the iphone still trying to access the old Roon core? It was on the same machine, different user account (no, I don’t run that old Roon core). I have tried resetting ARC but still doesn’t connect remotely. Note that I had to manually tell the Google router to to open a TCP/UDP port. Note also I upgraded my xfinity service to get better upload (is 10mbps good enough for ARC?), do I need to tell Xfinity to let external devices come in through the cable modem?

Hey @steve_williams1,

Are you referring to your Roon Core - Roon Arc settings? Does it show ‘Ready’ with an IP and Port number?

If it does say ‘Ready’ than this likely doesn’t have anything to do with your network, and more so with the mobile device.

Did you properly un-authorize your old core when setting up your new core?

Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Arc after opening it?

If you disable wifi on your iPhone and try to connect Arc over cellular data, does the issue persist? If you haven’t yet, I would also suggest completely removing Arc from your mobile device, and reinstalling.

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin, thanks for the reply. Here is the ARC status screenshot:

Since this indicates the networking aspect is OK, moving on to your next points:

Is the old core properly reauthorized? I don’t know what this means exactly, but I have logged the core in and out several times. No popups asking me if I want to reauthorize. The old core is not running.

Screenshot on the iPhone, one when I launch ARC and try to access the albums, it waits a while then displays the second saying can’t connect. Same behavior whether on WiFi or cellular. Also same behavior running ARC on either of two iPads, either local WiFi or using iPhone hotspot:

Last I removed the app and reinstalled…hey presto problem solved, app linked with core “for the first time” everything seems to work now. Next time I have issues I’ll start with deleting the app instead of leaving to last.

Thanks for the help with fixing this!! Hope it helps others…

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