ARC - Artists in Library - Scrolling bar doesn't match

Hey, just a small UI bug. In Library → Artists, when scrolling, the scroll bar goes down as I scroll down, but by the time I get to say “S”, it’s already at the bottom, and cannot scroll further down. Similar behaviour when reversing. I’ve got a video I can upload somewhere if anyone else can’t replicate :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing that on the Early Access version on iPhone. Maybe they have resolved it. IDK.

I’ll see if I can update mine. What’s your artist library size? Perhaps it’s based on that

Thanks for reporting. A video would be handy for sure :slight_smile:

I believe the file type I can capture videos in is not allowed here, so I hope linking to a hosted version of the video is not a problem?

You’ll notice once it hits “G” it doesn’t move any further.

Thank you. Can you make sure you’re updated and please share which version you’re on? This feels very similar to an issue which was resolved a few builds ago.

Certainly - I’ve checked, and no more recent version exists in the “standard” App Store (at least as far as my phone sees) - I’m on 1.0.5.