ARC B230 & Roon B1363

My ARC has not yet updated, and with B230 I get this when connected to Roon B1363:

Is this to be expected?

I haven’t gotten the ARC upgrade yet either and am running the same version combo as you, but, I don’t get the “Poor Connection” message.

Interesting. Mine is still showing the “poor connection” and “Unauthorized” messages.

I seem to recall that it used to be possible to “reset” Roon ARC, to break connection with the current Roon Server, but I don’t seem to be able to find this anywhere on the current build. Am I imagining this?

I thought so too, but, like you am not seeing it on the Settings Page. Investigating…

There is a “reset” under Settings/Roon ARC, but I think that is for the Port Address.

Yes, that’s for the port - but I’m sure that there was a red Reset link in Roon ARC itself…

“Reset” in ARC settings definitely used to be there on Android. It disappeared a version or two ago and I don’t think anyone really said anything about it at the time.

On Android, I long press the ARC icon > App info > Storage & cache and clear both the cache and storage. This of course will wipe any downloads you have, but in my experience reset in ARC did the same. To be thorough, I then uninstall and reinstall ARC.

I read a RoonLabs response somewhere non-EA a while ago after someone found it missing that it was temporarily removed due to some issues and will be back.

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So now my Roon ARC has been updated automatically to B231, and I had to login again (and it took two attempts before that succeeded).

I’ll never know what went wrong with B231… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Never got the option to go to B230, but I did get B231 today. It also took me a couple of tries to start it up, would get stuck on the select your profile.

No longer shows this is being played by Roon Radio…

Unless, I go here…