ARC B275 Carplay song rewind operation error [Ticket in]

Phone : iphone 12 pro max ios18
Car: Mercedes Benz W205

When the ARC is operated in Carplay after a certain period of time from the update related to airplay2, the symptom of directly moving to the previous song occurs when the rewind is pressed. There is no problem when operating on the iPhone, but the problem occurs when controlled by the vehicle.

It’s not an ios version problem because other music programs show normal operation. I’ll attach a video if necessary. Please check it.

Thank You

Hey, thanks for reporting it. When does this happen? Does this only happen after the latest update?

@michael Thank you for your reply.
If I remember correctly, the symptoms have been detected since around the end of May.
Therefore, it seems to have occurred in B273 ~ B275. I wish I could test the previous version of ARC version, but I can’t test the previous version because Rock is already updated.

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Thanks for the added info, we’ve got a ticket in.

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