ARC B279 Feedback

Release notes say “Properly Treat Hidden Tracks in ARC”.
Didn’t the banned track bug that continues to be added to playback also be considered? Wasn’t they similar problems?

I’m waiting for this to hit Google Play, has anyone noticed any impact on battery life? Is this build any better?

Smart downloader isn’t downloading …

I’m not sure if this is an issue just for this release, but I had to uninstall and reinstall the ARC beta app B279 following a password change, so lost all my downloads.

I re-enabled smart downloads, set a 300gb capacity limit, turned off auto-lock (iPhone) and plugged in a charger and expected it to spend the night downloading - it has only downloaded 15 albums (12gb) and no playlists.

Force closing and re-opening the app makes no difference.

Is anyone else having issues in this area?

Bit of an update - I have discovered that if I click on the ‘Find something to download banner’ (which takes you to ‘Albums available to download’ screen), then smart downloader will download a single album each time you do this.

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It’s looking pretty stable for me for B279 on ARC.

I see why people would want the folders, but I only have things downloaded through ARC. Adding Folders in My Library on my iPhone 12 Mini now means I must scroll down a bit to get to ‘downloads’. I use downloads about 90% of the time since my Roon Server is on my laptop and sometimes is asleep.

Would it be possible to edit the titles in My Library? Change the order or remove some? I never look at Tracks or Composers, for example.

Your hard work is appreciated, and ARC runs so well now that it’s my default player on my phone.

Unfortunately, this is the least successful build for me for a while (Samsung S22 / Android 14). As well as the longstanding problem of crashes reported by the system, it now dies after a minute or so when put in background. In addition, whenever I go back to the app to play something after a break, it pretends to play (the circle spins briefly) but does nothing - I have to close and restart the app.

Edit: This latter behaviour appears to happen regardless of battery settings. In fact, having set to unrestricted, the app just died when brought from background to play, rather than giving the spinning circle. Something is definitely broken in this build regarding the background behaviour @ivan .

I’ve found this build to be the first to not destroy my battery so far. (P6P Android 14) I listen in the car, it goes into the background and doesn’t seem to drain the hell out of my phone while idle.