ARC bit-perfect in android phone!

i’m sorry to ask what I’m sure has been explained before, but it’s, but it’s hard to catch up with a full thread.

I am trying to simply understand in what conditions would Arc work bit0perfect in Android - specifically, which Android-based DAPs would support Arc and stream Roon tracks bit perfect.

Thank you :pray:

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Bit perfect via usb, not internal DAC.


are there any DAPs thare run their own OS - well, are there any DAPs anywhere of any kind - that can run bit-perfect ARC without a USB?

Not currently, that’s on the roadmap but for now you need an external dac.


and too bad…

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does anyone else have this issue where Arc just stops playing and the app closes itself spontaneously?

Yes, I encountered once a week. ARC stops playing then close unexpectedly😐

Yep a few times this week

Yes constantly, but I just got an update so let’s see. I thought it was specific to my DAC but i guess it’s a bit more global.

Me too - experiencing unexpected dropouts / playback stops using Arc on my Samsung S22 Ultra as well as on my iBasso DX320X. No change concerning this behaviour after updating to the latest build yesterday…

Some good news. ARC build 128 fixed volume issue in AK-HC2 USB-DAC :grin::+1:


the latest update seems to have resolved the issue of Arc stopping and closing spontaneously. so far so good!


There’s still a bug when playing DSD via ARC… Sometimes it happened, showing 'unknown element… ’ in the signal path though it can playback DSD just fine.

This feature is still broken for me using my fiio btr5 over usb. It will connect and play fine at first (though it does make a loud pop when I press play) then as soon as a song plays with a different sample rate than the first song played it won’t switch sample rate and it will play back either too slow or too fast and pitched down or up. Most of the time I can just unplug usb and plug back in which forces it to switch to the correct sample rate when I press play again (more popping) but this is not ideal since I have some albums with multiple sample rates even within the album.

If it helps to know I am using a samsung galaxy s10e fully updated running android 12 with samsung’s one ui 4.1 and that’s connecting to the fiio btr5 over usb. Roon arc and core are fully updated too.

Uapp is able to make the btr5 switch sample rates just fine with no popping at all so I know it’s possible to make it work correctly with this hardware configuration. Hopefully arc can be fixed soon.

Yup, same here, using FiiO btr7. Also I’ve noticed, when phone locks dsd playback stops. Pcm playback is fine. Arc build 128.

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Popping is also present with FiiO ka3 and btr7. It’s also present when using desktop app for Mac and Linux roon bridge (with alsa), not only ARC. I suspect this is issue with RAAT, but I may be wrong.
Also ARC is missing the core mqa decoder. In BT mode it support 44/16 only and it’s tied to the android audio, so when I start listening, and get notifications I can hear them, which actually brings negative listening experience. I am still mainly use UAPP and I am waiting for ARC to mature enough.

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just posting and sharing/confirming that ARC no longer has issues with the A&K HC2. playback volume is normal now (not full blast like on release). music sounds great out of the HC2 and 64audio A12T, via a Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

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Hi @brian
I just got a new USB-DAC to work with ARC but unfortunately I’ve issues…

  1. Volume control needs to set to more than mid then have some music, set a bit higher sound becomes too high and unbearable. The increase is definitely not normal.

  2. ARC occasionally crash and need to re-start.

The device is Truthear Shio USB-DAC:

Hope this can be fixed.

I’ve got the exact same volume issue with my Hidizs S9 Pro on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.
Volume stays quite low then the next increment is quite loud.

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