ARC blank screen after update

Since TestFlight automatically upgraded me to build 224 yesterday, launching ARC only results in a black screen. Note that I never had this problem with earlier versions, and I use ARC daily.

I have tried restarting ARC and my Roon server but there was no difference.

iOS 17.2.1 on iPhone Xs Max

Roon Server 2.0 build 1356 on sonicTransporter i7

Music library on Synology NAS

Everything is hardwired gigabit Ethernet.

Mobile was tested over wifi5 with Ethernet backhaul on same switch as well as remotely over LTE.

I have not tried deleting and reinstalling ARC yet as I had already downloaded a lot of my music to it using SDL.

Hey, thank you for reporting this. Sorry for the delay. Just coming back after the holidays.

Do you remember specifically what date/time this might have happened for you? Did this happen right after updating?

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I’ve been unable to use ARC after Build 1353 since Dec 12 and have been unable to get any support

All detailed here

Hi Michael,

Sorry but it has been about 13 days so I can’t tell you exactly what day or time it was.

As I posted in a response in the original thread:

I tried downgrading to build 223 using TestFlight but the same black screen issue was still there. I had to delete the app and reinstall build 224 for it to work properly.

2nd problem: I noticed after reinstalling after deleting that the app did not show my downloaded music — which is as expected since I deleted the app earlier — but it was not allowing me to download the albums again until I went into settings and manually deleted the download cache.

Thanks for looking into this.