ARC Bug?/Feature Request [Investigating]

B103 will list tracks, but will not filter by User Tags. I have 1600+ Christmas tagged tracks that are recognized on my MacBook remote but not ARC (“no tracks match the selected filters”)

Same failure for the Classical tag.

Sorry if this is a duplicate report.

(P.S. I realize that creating a playlist will work around. But the presence of the tag icon suggests that it is usable.)

Wait, 1600 christmas songs?

You a glutton for punishment?


I have B103 earlyaccess as well and tags work for me in general, I just tried with albums. However, I realized that I don’t have tags on tracks, so necessarily it’s always “no match”

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@John_V, thank you for the report. Could you, please, clarify are you tagged tracks and not albums and trying to use this TAG in Roon ARC, right?



Ivan, sorry for the lag here. I could not determine whether the tracks or albums had been tagged (I don’t remember thinking it would be a different result)…

So, I just now tagged (or retagged) the tracks. Using my MacPro remote, I filtered on Christmas, then tagged the 1623 tracks Christmas. I then opened ARC on my iPhone, went to Tracks, and used the tag Christmas to search.

Result: no tracks found.

UPDATE: Just for giggles, I went to the Album page, selected tag Christmas, and “no albums matched the selected filters.” Using Roon MacPro remote, I found 106 albums.

I also filtered via my other tags. NO success on Christmas, Nocturne, Classical, or Sixties Cuts. SUCCESS on 4Hands, but only 25 albums whereas my MacPro remote (using Roon) finds 62. Hmmm. Size limit?)

Please note that I created a successful Christmas playlist, so I am not in dire straits. Just reporting an anomaly .

Since my previous post, I realized that I do have track tags, and they do work in ARC B103, if I select the right tag.

However, the problem is that if you go to Library > Tracks and hit the Tag button, it lists all tags, including those that are never used on tracks. I have several tens of tags, but just a few that I use on tracks. So finding ones that work for tracks is difficult.

Hitting an album tag does not list all tracks that are part of the tagged albums. (which I guess makes sense)

That is useful information; thanks.

On my MacPro, I tagged all the Christmas tracks, at least I think I did. But ARC still won’t filter on Christmas (no tracks match).

My hypothesis is that I’m bumping up against size (no. of tracks) limitations. The Christmas track tab should generate about 1600 tracks. Too much for ARC??

Speaking of tags, using MacPro, I accessed the Christmas tag:

Note the two numbers: it says 106 albums and 1738 “items”, i.e. tracks I think.

So, this picture seems to indicate a tag applies to both/either albums or tracks.

But are this tags on albums or on tracks or both. Probably both, because if I go to Sidebar > Tags and choose a tag that is only used on tracks, it does not tell me “x albums”, it only shows “y items”, which corresponds to the number of tracks with this tag.

A tag is either applied to an album or to a track. However, the Roon remote seems to show both if you go to Sidebar > Tags. This makes sense because going to this place makes no statement on whether you want to see albums or tracks with this tag.

In ARC it is different. You go to Library > Tracks first, and then choose the tag. This is equivalent to going to Sidebar > Tracks in the remote, and then choosing the tag. Here is a tag that I use only for tracks, never for albums. It shows the tracks with this tag (but of course adds the album info).

You are right that if I go to Sidebar > Tracks and apply a tag that is only used for albums, it shows all tracks of all albums that have the tag:

This makes no sense to me because I am in “Tracks”. If I had individual tracks with this tag, how would I ever find them in the thousands of tracks that are only listed because the album has the tag?

The other issue I mentioned, that the ARC menu shows me all tags, is better in the remote. The remote also shows all tags in the menu, but it has a search function. The search is missing in ARC, so it is a looong list.
Even though it is better in the remote, I would still prefer an option in both apps to show only “track tags” in the tag menu in Library > Tracks. (And equivalent in other categories)

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honestly I don’t use tags all that much, and when I have, I did not concern myself with how it was being applied (tracks vs albums). But, to return to my original point, my Christmas tag, with 1600 tracks, showed nothing in ARC.

Sorry for sidetracking, it started when track tags appeared for me in ARC, but with the somewhat surprising behavior. I learned more about tag display now.

Your issue seems different, but Roonlabs are investigating. With their current pace I’m sure you will be taken care of before Christmas :christmas_tree:

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