Arc build 223 downloads - listing and sorting oddities [Ticket in]

A few things relating to sorting and listing of items that don’t seem quite right to me, or a bit confusing. Mainly relating to downloads and albums. Some of it may have been picked up earlier, or even have tickets associated.

  • ‘Date downloaded’ sort order in Downloads and ‘Date added’ sort order in Albums can both get into a state where the triangle indicating new first (pointing down) or old first (pointing up) is inconsistent with the listing displayed.

E.g. in albums. Start with newest first and everything is ok:

But after reversing sort order and reversing back:

Similar in the downloads list:


  • Also it appears smart download picks included an album that was shortly before already manually downloaded:

Note the slight difference in file size. It’s possible I edited metadata on the server before the smart download occurred - is that as intended and a possible explanation for inclusion as a candidate in smart downloads?

Not easy to ascertain btw if there are more ‘duplicates’ in the listing, as there is no sort-by-title option. (Appreciate that the list does not necessarily only consist of albums, but nevertheless)

btw, under albums only one version is shown, labeled as a smart download, so apparently the earlier manual download has been overwritten. Again, possibly intended behaviour considering the above :thinking:.

Ps… similar behaviour for the other available sorting options / orders it seems.

Thanks for reporting!

So it seems like we have two issues:

  1. Misbehaving sorts
  2. SDL downloading stuff you’ve already manually downloaded.

For the second issue, can you tell me more about the two things it’s downloaded? Do you have multiple versions of that album? Is it possible you have that album listed as two separate albums, not merged?

@oleh could you get a ticket in for the first issue?


On SDL - I have only one version of the album in my library it is a very recent purchase from Bandcamp in 44.1/16 alac format. No edits made within Roon and no streaming service is active.


My usual ingest process is such that it is possible that (after the initial manual download but before the smart download):

  • changes were made to embedded metadata in the tracks (e.g. custom ROONALBUMTAG data);
  • the folder containing the files for this album was moved to a different location within the watched folders.

Hope that helps!

@michael ,


Stop press, you can probably ignore the 2. It seems to be a red herring.

The actual order in which the SDL and normal download happened is possibly the other way around (SDL first) but (issue 1), the incorrect ‘triangle’ for the sort order, could have misled me into believing the SDL happened later. :woozy_face:

Wake up, little Ozzie …

Although … it still shows in the album list as a Smart download :thinking:

ok, I give up and leave it to the smart people …

I have the same issue.

See this thread too: ARC discography sorting doesn’t do anything