ARC connection issues

i’m loving Arc so far, a few connection issues have got me thinking though.

I’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong but i imagine the way this works is youre effectivley uploading an audio stream from your computer to your phone via the internet.

my internet upload speeds strugle to get past 8Mbps, wont this be a problem with high resolution audio streams and isnt it the case that this doesnt get better without faster upload speeds?

You can define what resolution to stream in ARC settings.
If you are on a mobile network connection then that would probably be the limitation.

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Thanks ged_hickman1
I might as well use the tidal/quboz app then, if im using Arc im most probably out and about on my bike.
i would imagine 5G networks have the necessary bandwhidth but seems to me the bottle neck is the upload speed from my PC to the internet.

Unless, my PC is just for authentication and reading my library whilst the actual stream is directy from Tidal/Quboz’s servers to my phone?

There will be a number of factors. Your upload speed, the speed of your data network on your phone at any given time, the speed of you computer will have an effect as well.

Some of this will be mitigated with buffering but for me at least with many years behind me in terms of streaming and access home files, it will always be, at best sketchy. Massive data centres with huge network pipes exist for a reason :slight_smile:

For tidal and Qobuz yes they stream directly to your phone. Only your local files on your roon server stream through it.
Again you can specify what level qobuz and Tidal stream to you.

Really? I did a packet capture and it was streaming qobuz via the core over tcp/55000

My understanding is it will stream via ARC, but via your home first, which frankly is asking for trouble just so you can see your music in roon. Just use the relevant app, have a good experience. Use Arc for the music not available on streaming services.

Yes, this is correct; ARC streams directly from the service. The core is still needed when streaming from Qobuz and TIDAL.

Thanks everyone for the input.
Agree with Gareth_Irwin though, it’s a better experience using the relevant app. Only problem is not all the tracks/albums in my library are available on one app.

@Martin_Webster : I really doubt Arc is streaming directly from the service, if it were, there’s really no reason for it to be so slow.

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It streams directly from the streaming service despite your doubts.

LOL, Cool, thanks for confirming.

Yep, what @ged_hickman1 said. I’m always correct. :wink:

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Hi everyone,

To clarify what @ged_hickman1 posted above: in ARC, the audio stream will pass directly from the Qobuz/TIDAL servers to your phone. However, the authentication for the audio stream will still pass through the Core. So, provided you don’t have any sign-in issues prior to leaving your home network, the upload speed of your home network shouldn’t affect the actual audio stream for our streaming partners within ARC.

@Adeniyi_Ogunnaike, if you’re encountering sluggish performance within ARC with streaming services that you don’t believe reflects the realities of your connection, the team would be happy to slide this thread over to #support and investigate diagnostics. Standing by for your response. Thank you!


Hi Connor,
Thanks for confirming. I’m afraid I gave up on using Arc due to the issues I mentioned.

I’m hoping this is thread can be resurrected?

Yes, please do look into this as I’d really love to be able to use the app.

Open your own support thread in the #support:port-forwarding-help category filling in the required information in the template.