ARC crackling noise out of the phone

Roon Core Machine

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Connected Audio Devices

Samsung S22 Ultra, iFi xdsd Gryphon (Earmen Sparrow dongle DAC), connected via USB

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Description of Issue

I very recently noticed something very strange using my phone and ARC (but not the classic Roon app).
When I have connected my iFi Gryphon to my phone with the use of the USB driver (beta) and I press “play” for a track, a crackling noise is made by the phone and once the track starts playing, a high pitch noise is emitted by the phone. Please note that nothing of this noise comes out of the attached IEMs!!! (this is the reason I did not noticed it before…) Through the IEMs, the music plays with no problem!!!

This strange behavior, does not occur with the classic Roon app (obviously no USB driver in effect there), but also it does not occur if I use UAPP app.

I also tried and verified the same using another dongle DAC (Earmen Sparrow).

Weird, i’ve never heard about this on a phone previously.
But you seem to be describing what is known as “coil whine”, a common artefact on laptops and other electrical devices with switch mode power supplies. When under load these power supplies can make whining/knittering noises.
Give “coil whine” a google and see if this is what you are hearing?

Thank you @Mikael_Ollars. I am not sure it is “coil whine” - maybe the high pitch noise… but the “crackling” noise when I press “play” or “next track”? I cannot explain it! I am sure that it has to do with the USB driver which is in beta form anyway. As I noted in my original message, there is no such a thing if I use the UAPP app which also has a USB driver as you probably now…

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UPDATE - resetting the Roon Arc app (from within the app’s settings) made no difference. The noises are still there. BUT, uninstalling and reinstalling the app corrected the issue! I guess for some reason the USB driver did not “sit” well in the previous installation… go figure!!!

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