ARC crashes iPhone or Freezes while Playing a local song

Hi @Robert_Philpott,

There’s no hard barrier, but the team finds a natural limitation starts to assert itself in the range of 300-600k tracks. Of course, this depends hugely on the phone and the file qualities of the tracks. 400k low-quality files might still work; 600k large DSD files very likely won’t sync at all.

Zooming out, how ARC performs (and whether it works at all) with extremely large databases is a delicate balance between three factors:

  1. The limitations of the Core (storage, memory, etc.)
  2. The limitations of the mobile device (storage, memory, etc.)
  3. The limitations imposed on the network for synchronizing a large stored library. This includes upstream/downstream connectivity for LAN and mobile network, obviously, but also the limitations imposed by Apple and Google mentioned above. This last factor is often overlooked when users consider their setups and whether or not to rely on ARC out-of-the-box.

If a user doesn’t have a library of over 500k tracks, in my experience, it’s worth attempting to sync with ARC if you believe your phone has the storage and reporting your issue to the team in this category on Community. We’ll be familiar with known errors, and can help identify if your issue is actually due to library size or something we can perhaps more easily resolve.

There’s a feature request for external storage enablement on Android devices here, as well: ARC: Support External Storage for Android (SD Card)