ARC crashes on Chromebook

Roon Core Machine: Nucleus+
ARC is working fine with my phones.

Has anyone else successfully run ARC on a Chromebook? I don’t know if Chromebooks aren’t supported (I don’t know why they wouldn’t be - all the modern ones run Android apps), but at least for me ARC crashes out right after connecting.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download ARC Android app
  2. Launch ARC app, accept Terms, and login to Roon account [this works fine]
  3. ARC app finds Core no problem, “Online and ready”
  4. Press “connect”

Very briefly you can see the app text change to “Syncing”, but then the App completely crashes.

Relaunching the App at this point results in an immediate crash. The only way to try again is to either Uninstall/Reinstall or go in to the App’s Android info and “clear storage”.



I don’t think they are supported in this V1 release.

We do not develop or test this app on chrome books. If it works, that’s great, but for now this is in the tinkering domain.

OK, thanks for the response, @brian. At least I know it’s not my setup.

Potentially something to put in the feature request bucket - as all Chromebooks from the last few years now run Android apps, they’re a great choice for something like Arc. Unless there’s a weird networking issue (which is possible), I’m guessing it’s only some small development tweaks to support them.

Thanks again,


I run Chromebooks for a IIoT Industry 4.0 kit I sell, so I have a bit of a soft spot for Chromebooks. This one is a core i3 and the kit ones core i5. They are running the latest software and the Roon ARC app installs fine. The Chromebook indicates that this was built for a mobile device so it handles the size fine too.
If I were to hazard a guess as to why it shuts down is that it hasn’t got the right permissions set for accessessing the Chromes book’s hardware (network?). IT seeks and finds the core but shuts down once you choose it.
Actually just started it again: Logged in okay, finds the ROCK but it tells me it isn’t configured for access outside the network (alternates to another message referring to configuring for access).
Well - what do you know it connected. But then It wouldn’t play after I selected myself (I did have the Roon app running at the same time) and closed…

@Dowster - seems like you had the same experience I did. Installs fine, finds the Core fine, but crashes as it connects.

Interesting that you think it’s a permissions issue. Maybe, though the fact that it crashes upon connection makes me unsure.

Thanks for tinkering as well!


Hi both,
I am using Chromebook and it is the same. So I suspect this is pretty much universal for chromebooks.
Oh well.

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