Arc dont work in offline mode

First , I am so glad to have Roon everywhere with me now! Great idea, great app lets enjoy!

I often take planes and need airplane mode working. So I tried to download 2 albums and test the app when not connected to any network on my samsung gs10.

When I click on any of these 2 album and try to play, it doesnot work indicating that I am offline
… and need to go in dowlaods and so on…

Have I missed or misunderstood something?

Make sure you’re playing the albums from your downloads tab and not accessing the album from a streaming service.

I’ve just tested. I closed the app, put it in airplane mode. I’ve reopened the app, went to download and my album played straight away.

For sure I did

Somehow I can’t find where to download an album - can’t find the button

Download button will only work on albums and playlist of your local content, it does not work on Tidal/Qobuz content.

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Example here.

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