ARC - Download filter or what is this button?

Nope that could not happen they are locked to Tidal using their encryption and only thier app is allowed to decrypt them and play them. Nothing any application can do about this it’s been in play like this since downloads started in the services apps and every service is tied to the same t&c. It ain’t happening until the labels change their stance which isn’t not likely to happen. It’s not a Tidal thing it’s a label thing to protect their content from pirates.

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Thank you for the clear explanation from which I understand that ‘if’ it ever happened it would take years and I can imagine that both the labels and Tidal don’t feel like giving permission for it at all. Would have been a nice addition, but we just stick to Arc and the Tidal app together if we only want to listen to downloads if we don’t have an unlimited data subscription.

Hi @GalaxyGlider,

Please see your other topic thread for a more granular response to your issue.

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