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roon says that we can only download local files with ARC. I read that to mean that none of the Tidal tracks we are streaming can be downloaded with ARC. Is that right?

I initially downloaded a playlist with 17 hours of tracks. of the 237 tracks, the vast majority of them were Tidal tracks. All were successfully downloaded and reside no in the Download bucket.

A day later I tried downloading a different playlist with 429 songs, the vast majority again are Tidal. This time a Partial download message pop’d up and said almost 400 of the 429 tracks were unavailable for download.

Can you please explain how this is supposed to work? And how these two things can be reconciled?

Note: I manually created a forwarding port on the ATT router which hooked up with the Core via ethernet. I do not think the iMac’s wifi was on when that happened. However, now ARC will not hook up with Roon unless the iMac’s Wifi is turned on.

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I hope I have resolved this issue with Mac and ATT router (which requires manual reconfiguration for ARC). While it was intuitive iMac/Router assign different IP addresses to wifi and ethernet connections, I didn’t realize both IP addresses are identified by the name you assigned the computer (e.g, Bruce’s iMac). With the ATT router, a manual configuration requires the Core location by name - not IP address - so you can unknowingly select the wrong IP address even though it’s the the right name. So, do not for any reason have both wifi and ethernet on when you are manually configuring an ATT router for iMac/Core/ARC. Turn off the Mac’s Wifi, so the router only shows the iMac ethernet IP address.


I’m having the same issue. If your solution proves to work, hopefully there will eventually be a how-to, step-by-step guide on how to do this because the above is beyond my abilities. Another way to put it is that it seems to me that this should have been integrated in the implementation of ARC from the onset.

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If you have the same mac/att router or similar, I can provide the step by step to you. Roon core tells me ARC hookup is good. Just haven’t been put of the house yet today to make sure it’s working as expected. Will be out later today. Will let u know.

Thanks Bruce. To illustrate my issue. ARC on my iphone shows check marks for two playlists and one album. When I put my phone on airplane mode and turn off the wifi, and try the album it says I should go to the downloads because I’m offline (I was already there to begin with). I try again neverthless, no joy, it’s says ‘You’re offline’ (it plays fine in ARC when I’m back online). Some items on the playlists play, other don’t even though both playlists have the check mark on the Downloads page. So if I hit ‘Play now’ on the main window of a playlist and if it so happens that it starts with something that doesn’t play it’s the never ending spinning wheel (or I get a red banner that says ‘Poor connection’… um, isn’t that the point of downloads?.. you don’t need a connection…).

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