ARC download : Track name too long?

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (late 2012)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi UXG

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone Xr

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue


Arc seems to be having trouble download tracks with very long names. For example, Green Day American Idiot track 2 : Jesus of Suburbia / City of the Damned / I Don’t Care / Dearly Beloved / Tales of Another Broken Home

The Download indicator goes up to 99% then back to 85%. All of the tracks with shorter names have downloaded correctly.



Hi @Scott_Needham ,
Thanks for reporting this issue!
Could you please try to reproduce this issue again and provide us with the timestamp of when it happened so that we can initiate a remote diagnostic to your Core and gather additional information?

Sure. It’s happening right now 16h53 Paris time.

This said I have had the problem for other tracks so it might not be related to name.

Thanks again !

hello again,

do you need anything else from me ?


Hi, @Scott_Needham, sorry for the late reply. We are still investigating your issue at the moment. Thank you for providing timestamps.


bump to keep issue open

Hi @Scott_Needham,

Diagnostics indicate ARC might be failing to connect outside the home network; have you been able to use ARC at all? We’ve released two new builds of ARC since your initial report, including fixes with download stability, so I’m curious if you’re still having trouble with the issue you’d initially reported, as well.


I am currently on vacation, so I’m sure I can connect when not at home. I will download and let you know next week. :wink:


hello again,

the updates did not solve the problem. let me know if you need more info from me.`



partial victory. it finally downloaded, but two tracks (one long name, one short name) give a playback error after a few second and start over. should i try to download again, or is there some information you can grab in current state ?

  • scott

hello again,

looking for an update. downloads are horribly slow, i have been downloading an album for three days. and as i stated, if complete the downloads contain track that do not play.



it looks like last update fixed this. :slight_smile:


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