ARC: Dropouts and skipped tracks

No I’ve started to get drop outs and skipped tracks. It always seems to be towards the end of the track too. My core is a Mac Mic M1 connected via Ethernet to my Arcam AVR30 via a Nergear nighthawk router.

My Arc today became unstable. Downloaded track just give a playback error and stop.

@Stuart_Hillis, I have moved your post to a new #support thread.

I’d be grateful if you would complete the following template so you may be assisted. Thanks.

Roon Core Machine

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I have this and can not play any tracks anymore. Arc is broken.

I updated to the latest version and still nothing is playable.

Hi @Stuart_Hillis,

I’ve merged your reports from another thread into this one so we can assist you in one place.

Would you mind specifying if you’ve configured port forwarding for ARC playback via cellular data? You should see error diagnostics present in Roon → Settings → ARC if not.

Next question: have you experienced any playback errors when using the phone’s system output as an endpoint? I’m curious about which endpoint you’re using in the screenshot. Are you able to share a screenshot of the signal path in ARC next time you encounter this error?

We’re tracking some known upsampling failures with DAPs, although they tend to manifest with the Android mixer and not on iOS. Are you significantly upsampling any CD Quality content when ARC’s playback fails?

The team has pulled routine diagnostics from your Core in the meantime to investigate whether there’s a deeper sync issue. We’ll be watching for your response, and thank you for your patience.

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