ARC fails; DLNA + BubbleUPnP Server succeeds

I tried ARC for the first time at my gym. The same (CD-quality) album failed on ARC (“poor connection”) but played perfectly using my default remote-access method: MinimServer + BubbleUPnP Server on my NAS, and BubbleUPnP control point on the same phone as ARC. Disappointing!

It occurred to me that one difference is that I’ve set port forwarding for the BubbleUPnP system manually, while the Roon system did it automatically. So as an experiment, I’ve set it manually for Roon ARC and will try it again to see if it works better.

Setting port forwarding manually for Roon ARC did not help connection stability. ARC was still markedly less usable than accessing the same music over the net via BubbleUPnP Server.

Am I the only one finding ARC not ready for prime time?

Maybe there is some other setting I should change?