Arc freezes (iPhone) after the upgrade

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Arc freezes after I play a track. Music keeps playing though. Just the screen that gets frozen. It seems to freeze more frequently if I swipe the screen vertically to scroll tracks. I think this freezing symptom is occurring much more frequently after the latest update. Currently Arc is not usable at all. At times it appears that the machine is running extremely slow. In other words, control returns after 10s of seconds have elapsed. Please help.

What iPhone and iOS version are you running ARC on?

IPhone 12Pro Max / 15.6.1

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Hi Carl,

Would you know if the support team is aware of this issue? Even after the lastes update, ARC freezing, shutting down symptom persists. I know the support team is busy but this is a serious bug.

Hi @shinyc,

Sorry I don’t know, but I’ll tag @support to see if I can prompt a response from them, it could be this one has slipped their net.

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Hey @shinyc,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone. As a next step, we’ll need you to share manual logs from the ios device. Steps to follow below:

  1. First toggle “Save logs to Files on next startup” from your iOS Settings for the Roon App.
  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. Access your Files App on the phone and upload the log file.

Then, send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

Hi @benjamin, I am a bit confused. I am having a trouble with Roon Arc, not with Roon App. Can you check if I should still follow your last instruction?

Hey @shinyc,

My apologies there, you are correct in that we do not yet have that option for Arc. After reviewing your account in more depth, I see that you have a library size of just about 802k tracks, which is impressive!

That said, it could be a situation where your phone is having trouble processing such a large library on the go. I have a few follow up questions for you:

  1. When you head into arc settings, how much available space is left in your internal storage?
  2. When this freeze/hot phone issue happens, are you streaming specific file types? Are they Flac files? Or, are you streaming content from tidal/qobuz? What is the file quality if that is the case?
  3. Does this happen over Wifi, or cellular data?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

I have more than 100G storage memory available after starting the arc app. BTW arc app occupies about 4.2G which tops all other apps in my phone. I mostly play flac but qobuz, tidal accounting for 30%. I only use the bandwidth optimized setting(i.e. lossy) on both over wifi and celllular. However I play the symptom is the same. It freezes up but music keeps playing for a while, then crash. Another behavior I am noticing is when starting I am always greeted with busy bar at the top followed by the “poor connection” message.

Hey @shinyc,

Thank you for the info! We’re continuing to investigate this issue further. In the meantime, can you please update to the newest Roon and Roon arc builds, and let me know if your issue persists :+1:

Hi @benjamin,

After reinstalling the ARC app, the storage footprint improved from 4G+ to under 1G. Not the player is very stable (so far). Please note that just upgrading to the latest version without removing/reinstalling it makes the problem persist.

Thank you for your support service.

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ARC app data footprint increased back to 4G+. Still working fine.

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Hi @benjamin ,

ARC is acting up again. The symptom is milder but it still freezes then releases and so on. It used to freeze then followed by a crash.

Hey @shinyc,

Thanks for letting me know. Please take note of the date and time (and song if applicable) the next time it happens and share it here.

Thank you :pray:

Hi @benjamin ,

This symptom is happening quite liberally. Freezing happens even while music is not playing. Only difference from the original symptom is it no longer crashes at the end. Rather the freezing gets unfrozen after a while then acting up again. I am sorry to say that the ARC is no longer usable. Again.

I am having the same problem. also with a large library. As I mentioned in another post, I deleted everything and reinstalled and it was temporarily better but now has become unreliable again.
This is the last thing I want to tinker with while driving. I might just give up on ARC and relinquish my static IP since accessing my synology NAS does not require that extra payment to my ISP.

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Hi @benjamin ,

Now I am getting this and not moving forward at all indefinately. Frustrating. Please help!

Hey @shinyc,

Thanks for the update. Our team is still investigating this, but we’re beginning to see similar patterns of performance issues tied to accounts with libraries of the larger size.

I don’t have any next steps for you at this time. If anything, I would test running your system on a small subset library size to see if performance is affected at all.

I’ll keep you in the loop as we dig into things further :+1:

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