ARC freezes when opening play queue on iPhone 15 Pro Max (ref#321UOH)

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· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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Describe the issue

ARC freezes when I try to open the play queue. When I click the icon to open the play queue, the "Queue" screen opens, but no tracks are listed. Music will continue to play, but the app does not respond to any input. If I leave it sitting on that screen for about 90 seconds or more, the queue will appear and the app will resume responding to input.

I'm using ARC 1.0.54 on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it's not a slow phone. The problem happens whether I am on a mobile network or on my (very fast) home wifi, so it's not an issue of network speed. There is no delay in displaying play queues in the home version of Roon, and the problem occurs in ARC even if there are only 5 songs in the queue, so I don't think it's an issue of Roon Core speed.

Describe your network setup

Orbi PRO mesh router, gigabit ethernet to Core, AT&T Fiber internet (gigabit up and down), iPhone tests at 695 Mbps up / 675 Mps down

Hi @Andy_Spinks,

Thanks for writing in and for reporting your issue! If you can, would you test out removing Arc and installing fresh instance of it, and reproduce the issue?

This would remove any of your downloaded content to the device - one quick workaround would be to create a temporary playlist including all of your downloaded content, so you could easily transfer it back to the device after the reinstall. I realize that’s a bit tedious - my apologies there!

Let me know the general date/time when you reproduce this on a fresh install. Thanks! :+1:

This worked, thanks! (I would have done that already, but I was afraid I wouldn’t lose my Muse parametric EQ presets. Once I convinced myself they would be restored, I could proceed!)

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