ARC has made my system unusable

I’m running Rock on a PC built for a dedicated to that. It’s connected by ethernet cable to a router. I run it exclusively from the Roon app on my android phone and my iPad. Today I received a software update for the core, which I installed. Immediately the app on my phone tells me I’m running incompatible software on the phone and the core. So I see the promo for the ARC and it’s 2.0 same as the core now says, so I download the ARC app. Now the app will play from the core, but only on the phone. The connection to my Sonos speakers is gone.
I’m obviously not a computer guy, I can’t make any sense of how to do the stuff that is presented here for configuring the core network connection, and the app doesn’t have any options for doing anything with the core. So my system is now broken and I’m not a computer guy and have not idea what to do.
The original build and install of Rock was pretty okay for me, because of the very simple, step by step instructions available. But at this point a couple years later, I don’t even know how to connect to the PC running the software, so I’m totally lost.

As with every other update to Roon, the Roon Remote app for your phone also needs to be updated.The Roon Remote app is distinct from the ARC app.

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Okay, that worked. So when and how do I use the ARC app?

Take a look at this post.

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Thanks. I saw that originally. It still isn’t clear on the mechanics. So I use the Roon ARC app only when I’m away from home? And the old app still for when I’m home using Roon to my Sonos or to the main audio system as I did before?

You are correct.

The purpose of Roon ARC is to play Roon to your phone. That’s it. You can use it at home via your WIFI or out and about using cellular service. Regardless, it just plays music to your phone. Use a DAC for best SQ.

At home, nothing about Roon has changed. Use your core and Roon control devices to direct Roon to whatever end-point you want to use. If using your phone as a Roon control device, you still use the Roon Remote app.

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