ARC has no logout

Probably noted earlier, but ARC doesn’t seem to have a logout.
For example: I changed my Roon account email and ARC kept the old one. So I couldn’t connect to my server. The workaround is simple: just delete the app from your phone and install it new. Then you have the possibility to log in with the proper email.
A logout option would have been simpler.

There is a “logout” - scroll down to the bottom of the Settings screen and there’s a “Disconnect from your Roon Server” there. That will bring to a screen where you can select to login to your Roon account and use your new email…


Yes but unfortunately that doesn’t work in my experience.

I remember that that didn’t work indeed. It kept remembering my old password.

Are you sure it doesn’t work - perhaps you are not completing the necessary steps? E.g.:

Touching the Disconnect link brings you to:

Touching the red Disconnect button gives you:

This shows you the current login credentials (i.e. your email) being used in ARC. Touch the left caret (<) to clear them and display the Login screen:

One quirk I have noticed on my Android phone is that once I reach this login screen, I need to actually close the app and then open it again to complete the login. If I leave ARC running and try logging in, ARC can’t seem to find my Roon Server…

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Same on iOS… After authentication you need to close ARC, it won’t proceed otherwise.

Yes it works when you just do it from a working arc session.

But the cases where I have felt the need to use it are generally after restoring a roon server backup. I restore a backup after any unexpected power outage so it happens from time to time.

After the backup has been restored arc will not connect which is expected. But disconnect will not work either so you have no choice but to remove the app and start again. There used to be a Reset option but that has not been seen for some time.

Another way is,

  1. Touch and hold the ARC app till “app info” popped up, on your phone.
  2. Get in there and go to Storage and cache.
  3. Then cleared both Storage and Cache.
  4. Back out to previous menu and hit “Force stop”
  5. Get out of that menu completely and re-open the app. You should be able to re-log.

This is for Android phone only…may applicable to Apple. Not sure as I’m using a Pixel 8.

It doesn’t work your proposed way on IOS, at least not on my iPhone 14.

Doesn’t work properly. If your Roon server changes in anyway ARC doesn’t ever connect to the new one unless you remove app on iOS or delete all data on Android. Had this happen a number of times of late as I switched cores, and switched accounts. It attempts to connect but point blank refuses to connect. Restarting app puts it back to same result. There is definitely something that gets locked to the previous instance of Roon server and won’t unlock unless data is deleted.

Well, it’s not been my experience when my Roon Server changes. But then I’ve never had to switch accounts, so perhaps that’s the triggering factor.

Only switched account once recently when accounts moved my trial back to my main account and it’s done it many times with same account. When I switch core, and any reinstall of Roon has also caused it or even a restore of my db.

I will say it does seem to happen more on my Android DAP than iOS though. Although last time which was about 10 days ago as I was having db issues I uninstalled and restored a db and my iPhone had the same problem. It also gave 3 options of core my previous Linux core, the temporary windows one I used to fix my db and then back to new Linux core. I only had one active and authorised . So perhaps it’s some cloud thing caching server ids which are different per install of Roon and it’s not updating this side and won’t authorise the connection?

Restore a backup and then try it, I’d be surprised if it works

You mean a backup of Roon Server? Just done this and Roon ARC carried on working as normal…

Exciting! It never does for me. Nor does the full Roon client either but at least you can reconnect that easily.

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A similar, reverse problem occurs in iOS if you don’t regularly open ARC. It says it can’t find the server you select until you force-restart it. Sometimes I’ve even had to delete and re-install the app just to be able to use the software again.