ARC inconsistent behavior

I configured PnP on my router. Sometimes ARC works, more often than not doesn’t.

In this very moment it doesn’t.

I’m outside of my Roon’s core network and I’m connected to the internet via WIFI.
ARC doesn’t connect to my remote core.

Here’s how I keep on solving it, but user experience is awful.

I connect to my remote core (an iMac with latest OS) using VCN viewer, and I do settings > Roon ARC > test.
It shows Not ready.

Awkward: VCN viewer flawlessly connects to my server but Roon ARC doesn’t.

Then, still using VCN, I enter my router and i deactivate / reactivate UPnP.

Now the test shows ARC ready and I can finally get my ARC app to connect as it should have done since the beginning.

In short:
Roon was sensitive to some changes that happened in the background in the router (changes not effected by me and neither visible to me) that made the ARC connection impossible.

However, the same changes did not affect the ability of VCN to establish a connection with my server.

So, why can’t just Roon ARC work as flawlessly as VCN in establishing a remote connection?

In this situation, you may do better by setting port forwarding rules rather than use UPnP.

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Hi @Enrico_Corvonato,

I fully agree with @Martin_Webster to create a manual port forwarding rule.

If you need assistance with it, please describe your setup, which router (model and type) and we will do our best to help you.




Thanks, that solved. I set mi iMac to fix IP address and then did port forwarding, and even removed the UPnP setting as unnecessary at this point. Working fine so far.


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