ARC iOS: No way to see track lengths?

I can’t find a view in which track lengths are visible. It doesn’t appear in albums, playlists, search results or the queue. Am I missing something, a setting maybe? The only place I can see a track length is with the one currently playing.

This is making it very hard to distinguish between different versions of the same song in a playlist or even album.

My experience is that track length has always been there on album view, I didn’t have to do anything for it to be there when I 1st set it up:

In fact upon looking, it’s in Track view as well:

Matt is talking about on the Roon ARC phone app running on iOS though not the “full fat” Roon Remote app that the screen shots are from.

I’m also an iPhone user and I think Matt is right, I can’t see track lengths.

If Roon doesn’t consider there to be enough space on a smaller phone screen to display extra info at the top level then perhaps it could be put somewhere on the popup that appears when one presses the “…” next to a track name. (That’s the pop-up that has the “Play now”, “Add next” etc actions on it.)

Ahhh yes, apologies. Should teach me to look closer…