Arc is not syncing playlists with Roon Core?

I have searched and read similar topics/posts but I could not find any current status. Arc is becoming less useful as I can not get new Roon playlists in Arc. I have deleted the Arc app and re-added with no change. I am current on my Roon core running on a MacBook, iOS is current…

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
If there is a work around so I can use Arc can anyone suggest.

Love Roon but Arc is a game changer if it would sync. I stopped adding duplicate tracks playlists to Qubuz a long time ago and that is the only work around that I can think of. Thank you.

I’ve found that sometimes if I toggle offline and back on they will update. I did that yesterday. But sometimes it doesn’t work and I’ve had to do a reset. Sometimes they update without any interaction. This is all on my home network BTW.

Thanks Dale - I have tried toggling offline/online with all devices including my core at home and when remove. I have rebooted all devices, current releases… I have found previous posts about this issue but I can not find a resolution or current status… like we (roon) are away and have it on our work log… etc… It really limits the use of Arc for me. For example, we are going on a long trip and would use Arc often if I could see my Roon play lists in Arc…

You’ve probably tried this but at the bottom of the settings page there is a reset ARC option. Takes a couple minutes. I had to do it just now, I usually update my playlists on Sunday. Tried the offline/online trick and that didn’t work. It’s weird because when I add music on my core it shows up in ARC almost immediately without any interaction on my part.

Dale - Wow - it worked… I did notice that I have two profiles under my first name. One worked and one did not … In the past I tried both and neither worked so I am sure it was the reset…

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond (twice)!! Cheers

Glad to help.

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