ARC Login Failed / Connectivity Issues

Suddenly same issue here.

Did everything you have done, still my Arc cant log in…

Got no idea.

Someone from Roon should make an offcial comment or find a resolution.

Hi @Donghyun_Kim,

We’ve investigated diagnostics and determined that the mechanism for your login failure differed from that in the thread on which you originally posted. Here’s a dedicated thread for us to troubleshoot directly.

Diagnostics show you’ve been able to log back into ARC, but might be experiencing terminal connectivity failures within the app.

First off, do you have any issues with ARC outside the home? Have you set up port forwarding in Roon → Settings → ARC?

Most issues with connectivity in ARC can be solved by reviewing your Roon Server machine’s upstream connection to the internet. Is your Server hardwired to a router? Please let us know a little more about your network hardware and how it is connected.

Thank you!

For me, the problem just came and then went a month later. There had been no connectivity issues; the Roon client still connected. This was on my internal network and there had been no changes. (Also externally, but I wanted to eliminate some variables.) Please post detailed debugging steps. I would have been happy to supply any diagnostic information if it would have gotten Arc working in less than four weeks.

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