ARC loses connection to Khadas Tone2 Pro USB DAC after 50 seconds of playback from Google Pixel Tablet (ref#NBERFQ) [Investigating]

Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Device Integration (DACs, Carplay, Android Auto)

Description of Issue

ARC loses connection to Khadas Tone2 Pro USB DAC after 50 seconds of playback from Google Pixel Tablet. ARC build is 207. Behavior is easily repeatable.

Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

7th gen Intel NUC i5, 16 GB of RAM

Connected Audio Devices

Google Pixel Tablet connected via USB to a Khadas Tone2 Pro DAC. OTG cable from iFi Audio. USB cable is AudioQuest Cinnamon

Home Network Details

Core is wired via CAT6 to a UniFi USW Pro 24 PoE switch. Google Pixel Tablet is connected via a UniFi U6 Pro access point that’s hardwired to the same switch. Router is a UniFi UXG Pro


Hi, @David_Snyder, thank you for your report. We have an open investigation for this, it is still with our dev department.

Sorry for inconveniences.



Hi, @David_Snyder, could you please also check if you have OS software update pending for you tablet?



That’s the first thing I did. Definitely some flakey behavior between tablet and the dock plus other devices before I updated. But, the test results that I shared in this report were after the system update was completely installed, tablet rebooted, etc.

Understood, thank you! I am going to pass this data to our dev team.



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This issue is easy to reproduce with my Google Pixel 7 Pro phone too. I have an old LG V35 phone. If I can get it to power up, I’ll test with it and share results, but I’m not expecting significantly different behavior.

It’d be interesting to give it a go. The interesting thing here is that all similar complaints when a DAC disconnects after X second are coming from Google Pixel users…

After discussion we had yesterday, a plausible cause is that after that update android is requesting access to the usb DAC periodically, and that causes the disconnect from our driver. It works with the AAudio driver, because that is the thing requesting the access.

The fix to disable the automatic usb audio routing would be interesting to try. The other fix, about disabling data transfers through usb may accomplish the same thing, but it harms other use cases, so I am not going to ask you to do that

Nevertheless, may I ask you to try the first thing – automatic usb audio routing? Here is a comprehensive guide to do this – link.




I’ll give that a try. I’ll add that I have not been able to reproduce this problem with USB Audio Player PRO.


Hello @ivan,
I’ve done fairly limited testing, but your tip to disable automatic usb audio routing allows my new (got it today) ifi Go Bar to work with the Beta USB Driver turned on.

Prior to disabling, my audio would cut out (paused) roughly every 35 - 50 seconds. When the dac reconnects, I get prompted to Allow then Open ARC to handle the dac each time. I have not selected the always allow/open options.

And as you have probably guessed, I’m a Google Pixel user - Pixel 8 Pro.

Pixel 8 Pro / Android 14
/ Security update December 5, 2023
/ Google Play system update November 1, 2023

Roon ARC (build 224) earlyaccess
ifi Go Bar - firmware 2.40