ARC, metadata paused, importing tracks, yadayadayada!

I am so tired of trying every suggested option to fix the endless spinning blue circle thing re. Importing tracks, the endless roon ARC not available, and metadata paused red triangle, that I am seriously contemplating giving up on roon. I love the way roon works when it works, but these issues have been bugging subscribers for literally years and the suggested fixes are always the same and they never work. My inclination is increasingly to just use the free nowhere-near-as-good Naim remote app. Much simpler and simply works. Sorry roon, but constantly blaming people’s ISP or LAN doesn’t do it for me. Like many subscribers I’m not a computer nerd. Roon has become quite irritating. And time consuming. It’s not fun.
Why no simple fix, then we could all get on with our lives, and actually listen to music?

I’m just a simple user, hence no official support;-)

Sorry to hear you have that much unfixed troubles, without knowing the details. One can clearly hear your frustration. Looking through the glasses from an engineer: Every system, such as ARC or Roon etc. have a series of components involved. Basically, there is computation power, storage, network transmission and an end-device with some software involved. Sounds easy, isn’t it? the devil is in the detail;-)

Especially when it comes to ARC, the choosen connectivity architecture is in some cases not in favour with for instance how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) implemented carrier grade network address translation. The tech acronym is CG-NAT, in case you want to google it.

Another aspect is, how ARC tries to automatically configure your router at home for remote access. Roon uses either UPnP or NAT-PMP. If not propperly implemented in your router, or, in many cases switched of by the user or the ISP, this is yet another component, who might causing some headache in an engineers brain. But this is yet another yadayadayada and does not help you.

So, how to take it from here: The community could help you, in case you want to share the follwoing information with us:

  • Home network configuration with an E2E perspective
  • Roon ARC status from within Roon remote client (Settings → Roon ARC)
  • What happens, in case you synch Roon ARC from within your local network for the first time?

Hope it helps a bit and can be seen as a starting point to de-bug your situation. There are hundreds, if not thousends of (more or less) happy Roon customers out there;-)

Wish, you could become one of us.


Hi Stefan. Thank you for responding. See my reply to Menzies. I’m two thirds fixed re. metadata and library, but no ARC. I hope the fix thus far continues to work. It’s great that we have this community to help out with issues. I wish roon was just a little easier to understand when these things happen.

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